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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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i'm juliette goodrich. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. good evening. people were warned to stay inside but tonight the all clear has been given at the fire. a fire broke out at the refinery. it sent smoke into the air so
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county health officials put out advisories warning people who are sensitive to smoke to stay inside. most people, though, were not affected. hazmat team went to check it out and make sure everything was okay. everything dissipated just about an hour ago. and, this is what it looked like earlier when the fire first erupted. this photo from twitter shows flames and a thick black cloud of smoke rising into the sky as people look up. no word yet on the cause of the fire and again it is all clear now. another whale is washed up on the bay area shoreline. this time a carcus that looks like a humpback has been found in pacifica. that is not far from muscle rock park. we are live tonight. >> reporter: a lot of people here at pacific manor beach taking the hike down to the sand to get a look and get a close look at that. people are taking pictures over there right now getting a close look at that humpback whale. a team was there dissecting it. they just recently a couple
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minutes ago packed up and made their way up to where we are right now. we were down there earlier what an amazing sight to see it up close. stinky as the marine biologist say it has been dead for a week before washing ashore. here is video up close. we are told it is about a 30 to 33 foot male humpback whale. washed up on the peach coastline early this morning. this is the third dead whale that watched up here on this coast in the past several months. it has baffled people living around here. they want to know what is causing this. the team from the mammal center and the skypetivities are trying to determine a cause of death right now. very large numbers, hundreds of them at a time. it is not unusual. they will be out here doing their part in pacifica. trying to come up with a plan
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to get the whale off of the beach as soon as possible. those plans are still in the works. it is possible the whale will still be here threw the night. all of the people there getting their snapshot, getting their selfies with the whale there. they will likely be there tonight. the biologist team told me they spotted another dead whale floating somewhere near here off of the coast. they would not be surprised to see another whale wash ashore in the next few days possibly in another week. we are live, kpix5. it has happening a lot this year. several whales, back if in may, a carcus wound up near half- moon bay. and two whales wound up on beaches in pacifica. one was a 30 foot humpback. the other sperm whale. one of the whales appeared to have been hit by a ship as for the others they could not pin down a cause of death. now, the rocky fire burning
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in lake county. it exploded in size overnight and now about the size of oakland. it is now charred 47,000 acres it in the counties. the terrain is keeping firefighters from getting a handel on it. the fire is only 5% contained. 24 homes burned to the ground and as many as 6,000 more are threatened. more than 12,000 people are under evacuation orders tonight. and, late this afternoon we got this photo from a kpix5 viewer. this picture is from the walmart in the city of clear lake. you can see just how massive the fire is from the smoke plume that is rising from the sky. people are being sent to evacuation centers. it is off of highway 29. the other is kelsey high school. that is on main street there. it takes people to the central valley, it is closed between highway 16 and highway 53 and part of highway 16 is now
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closed because of the fire. it is spreading rapidly. the fire is so intense that cal fire says they will not get it under control until at least august 10th. other news here in the bay area, on the 2nd day of the transbay tube closure, b.a.r.t says it works on schedule and the tunnel will reopen in time for the morning commute tomorrow. they have been closed all weekend long while crews replace the cross over tracks near the b.a.r.t station. b.a.r.t says the work being done might be inconvenient but help commuters in the future. >> we are rebuilding a part of the track that is interlocking. allows trains to move from one side of the track to the other. mitigate delays. >> the trains will be up and running by the morning commute beginning at 4:00 a.m. on monday morning. the meantime, b.a.r.t still running their bus schedule more than 90 buses leave the 19th street station in oakland every 45 minutes. from this, takes 20 minutes
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across the bay bridge. the bus uses the grand avenue bridge. it is blocked to regular traffic. keeping an eye on all of the traffic fallout if there is any. the good news is we have not seen too much traffic fallout at the bay bridge. it looks like another, just another sunday here at the phraz a. for all of the drivers heading out of oakland into san francisco. westbound traffic is leaving oakland. we have seen bigger delays, though, over -- during the tube closure at the golden gate where a lot of people were. to the san rafael bridge and down marin county. long delays, at one point today, traffic hitting towards the golden gate bridge to 19th avenue heading towards the span. most of those delays dissipated. you can now expect the typical
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sunday drive. now, take a look at what our sensors are picking up. 30 minute drive time. chp, no accident at this hour. the shuttle service, working wonderfully. all b.a.r.t passengers have b.a.r.t riders said they are a quick drive, a lot of b.a.r.t workers out there guiding them where they need to be. they expect to resume service at 4:00 a.m. i will be back in the morning news and we will give you a look at the drive into work beginning at 4:30 this morning. including an update on b.a.r.t. >> all right, much tonight, critical injuries. chain reaction involving a limo. who is at fault. a high-tech tool helps the police end
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five people are in critical condition after being involved with a crash with a limo. a chain reaction crash involving two other cars. that is 30 miles north of los angeles. the sheriff deputy says the limo ran a red light. it plowed into a car that then
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pushed it into another car total of 11 people were injured. those with the most serious injuries were in the limo. >> high-tech tool helped the police catch a car near los angeles. the stolen chevy was equipped with onstar. the company sent a signal that slowed the car down to 5 miles an hour allowing the police to catch up and arrest the driver. they said they use the technology several times a month. >> we have slowed down situations all over around 100 miles an hour. the driver can put his foot all of the way down to the the floor. once we get that signal the car will not go anywhere. >> they come standard in most gm vehicles. a special flag arrives at the police department tonight to honor the police sergeant. he was shot to death last week. his funeral was on thursday. to honor him the police department will raise the u.s. flag. goes around the country to
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honor fallen heroes. it is flown at ground 0 in iraq, afghanistan and in space. it will fly terror for 15 hours in hayward, 1 hour for each year. up next, they road their bikes from coast to coast. why they did it and the message from the cyclists that just arrived at the golden gate bridge.
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a group of college students making a trip from new york to san francisco. mark kelly tells us why they did it. >> a lot of climbing. one day we peaked at 11,000 feet. >> they made the trek from new york city to san francisco on 2 wheels. and many with one person on their mind presidency. >> i was riding with my grandmother. she died when i was five. by the time the bikers got here to san francisco they raised more than $100,000. >> it is awesome so many people support us during this pride. >> reporter: it turned out to be about much more than a fund- raising total.
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>> each time we stopped in. i know someone affected by cancer. i have been a pected by cancer. >> opened up my horizons. >> in san francisco. mike kelly, kpix5. they document many of the personal stories about cancer victims and survivors. they hear a long the way. did a neighbor go too far? a bear was shot and killed on friday in auburn after a man thought it might eat his chickens and came after him. but the bear was in his neighbor's yard. the neighbor did not seem to mind but others wonder if killing the animal really was necessary. >> i think, yes, all of a sudden you have a bear in your yard. you are thinking the process of the first thing might be -- [indiscernible] he is hungry. >> i wish we could have known more. >> the man who shot the bear said it killed six chickens in
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the morning before and was coming back for more. well, switching gears, let's have a look at the wet weather in the bay area today. cooled down. temperatures 1-6 degrees or so. we have low pressure building off of the pacific northwest. the pressure lower, the temperature lowers as well. winds out of the west down south. 15 miles an hour. concord, right now, 79 degrees. oakland, 71, livermore, 79. here in the city, 67 degrees. and, out the door tomorrow morning, we will be looking for a drizzle along the shorelines. the low clouds thicken up. the temperatures fall to the upper 50s along the coast by 7:30 in the morning. 61 around the bay and 65 inland. sunshine earlier inland along the coast of course. afternoon highs, still near 80 degrees. 70s around the bay. pleasant monday on tap. and here is what is happening. low pressure, deepening off shore. that is establishing the sea
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breeze picking up and the temperatures falling a little bit. later in the week, higher pressure builds back up a little bit. back in the middle 80s by wednesday and thursday. so, we will get a little bit of a warm up midweek. on the future cast overnight, you can see the low clouds clouds pack back in. you see green dots, indication, at least, there will be a little bit of drizzle this week as we start out monday morning. later in the day, things evaporate. mostly sunny skies. sum it up, cooling continues monday and tuesday. inland highs will be near 80 degrees the next couple of days. then we will warm it up beginning oned with a little bit. heading out of the bay area, does not look bad. tahoe, 81 degrees, 75 for -- beginning wednesday with a little bit. heading out to the bay area, does not look bad. tahoe, 61 degrees, 60 degrees down to fremont. day time highs what we expect.
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68 in san francisco, 81 for concord, oakland tomorrow, 72 degrees. warmer as you get to the foot of highway 17, 84 there. 77 at campbell and 77 at cupertino. over in the east bay, sunshine, lower 80s for the most part. 81 for concord, a little cooler. up in the north bay, plenty of low clouds tomorrow. just like in the last couple of days. sunshine, 77, santa rosa and still warm. cloverdale, 88. clear lake, 88 degrees. the forecast, looking at low clouds tomorrow morning again. a bit of drizzle along the shoreline. the sun comes out, things stay mild. wednesday, thursday, getting to the edge of warmth. it will be hot. plenty warm, middle 80s forked with and thursday. cooling down -- middle 80s for
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wednesday and thursday. cooling down. the raider practice just ended with a leaping michael crabtree touchdown play. fabulous ending to practice. we
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all right, dennis o'donell, live at training camp, dennis? >> reporter: the raiders have not had a winning season since
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they went to the super bowl if 2002. they have a brand-new coaching staff and they have a talented core group of young football players. there are veterans, edgar, woodson over there, getting ready to go to steve. this must be big. now, woodson, 38 years old, about to start his 18th season. he says he feels like he is 22. after 18 years woodson has plenty to give to the younger players. >> yes, he would. behind us, yes, so many things that we can learn. now, going in there like keeps it alive and he continues to open up your nose. he breathes better.
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>> now, more wisdom. now, all right, let me give you more. michael made his debut in arlington after the big trade. he was 4-1, with an earned run average in july. he ph-fs in trouble in 1st but he struck out mitch to get out of that jam. one of his 5 strikeouts. still scoreless in the 6th. now, going to hamilton, he belts it down the right field line at the home run. only 5th of his season. going to the 9th. bases loaded. he scored. but, he is held upheld up at 3rd base, going for the sale. trying to keep the line moving. he grounds into a game-ending play. the rangers lose 2-1. pushing 2 out of 3 in texas. they are 2 1/2 games behind the
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dodgers in the west. now, the a's hosting the indians, mike, winds up, oakland starter, continuing to gray, now, pitching 7 innings allowing 1 run, and lowering his earned run average to 2.12. but, he got a no decision as the game went into extras, tied at 1. fernando, rodriguez, going with runners at 2nd and 3rd. to end the top of the 10th. bottom of the inning, mark, he replaces an injured josh reddick in the 5th. now, now, he pulled home, scored from 1st to win it. 2-1 is the final. it was the first career walkoff and the first gatorade bath. around quicken loans. now, 74 yesterday, tigers could not contend in this tournament. he shot a 3 under 68 today.
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tied for 18. that is his second best finish of the year. 3rd round, detroit. a course record, 61 yesterday. getting a hole in 1, par 3, 16. he would win by 3 shots over ricky fowler for his first karbgs rear pga win. final round, winning by 3 strokes, becomes the 7th woman to win in a careera career pga win. final round winning by 3 strokes becoming the 7th woman to win a career win. now, nascar, now, he hits two people in pit row. bush ran out of gas on the final lap. he falls to 21st place finish.
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meanwhile, matt kenseth he wins for the second time of the year and first career win. finally. horse racing. american pharo's 8th straight win over all. "gameday" i mentioned mooch is here. tonight you will settle for the local guys. doing the show from napa. that does it from raider headquarters it in napa. "gameday" tonight. >> on location, nice. give us the lay of the land. i never seen the trade facility up there. >> thank you for asking. okay. >> go passed them and this is basically the field.
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right behind the napa marriott. they stay at mayoriot. this is where they workout. i will get up. show them the weight room right here, edgar. after practice, a lot of guys come over here and they lift weights. i hear nate alan takes the longest shower. wherever he finishes at some point we will have him take it. >> not in the shower, thanks for watching. [ laughter ] "60
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: two and a half years after the tragedy at sandy hook, are some seriously mentally ill patients being denied long-term care by their insurance providers? our investigation found parents and doctors who say so, and we've documented cases where patient care was cut short by insurance company doctors who never actually see the patient. >> some nameless, faceless doctor is making this decision. and i'm furious because basically, to me, he was playing god with my daughter's life! >> martin: the research being done at the starfire optical range in albuquerque, new mexico, was kept secret for many years-- and for a good reason,


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